Disney Princess Pix-Click: digital camera for girls

A camera is an ideal gift for young children. From very early they begin to be interested in capturing special moments. We are seen by parents who harass them with flasheazos and they naturally imitate us.

To prevent them from playing with the adult camera, it is best to buy them a special camera for children that is sturdy and easy to use. To choose the most appropriate you can take a look at the tips to choose a camera for children that we have given in Babies and more.

A good option is the camera that Disney has launched especially for the princesses of the house. The model Digital Princess Pix Click Brings a very feminine pink carcass with drawings of flowers while its benefits seem to be necessary for a girl who begins to make her first steps in the world of photography.

It brings an integrated memory card of 16 MB that allows you to store around 200 photographs with a resolution of 640 x 480. It has zoom, 1.1-inch LCD screen, flash, autofocus, quick use mode and a wrist hanger.

In addition, it comes with a program to download, edit and sort the photos obtained.

It can be purchased for 59.90 euros, a fairly moderate price in the case of a Disney product.

Video: Disney AppClix from Sakar (March 2020).