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Prenatal tests IV: Triple Screening

The triple screening or triple test is one of the fundamental tests in the prenatal tests performed by the gynecologist to the pregnant woman. It is simple, it consists of a blood test in which special parameters are measured that, depending on whether they are increased or decreased, can indicate if there is any alteration in the fetus.

Ideal accessories for children on the beach

With the arrival of summer, young children find two powerful natural toys on the beach, sand and sea water. During the summer season, going to the beach is a great joy for the little ones and for their fun to be full, nothing better than carrying some accessories designed for them to enjoy.

How to use the breast pump

In the market we can find a large number of breast pumps, there are electric or mechanical. In the electrical ones, the suction of the milk is much more effective, but it presents some problems at the time of transporting it and they are more expensive than the manuals. The mechanics suck the milk thanks to the force exerted by hand on the suction pump, these are more manageable and practical when transporting them.

Gave birth after dying

A famous 41-year-old British skater, pregnant for 25 weeks, suffered an irreversible brain hemorrhage last Wednesday because of a tumor and was declared clinically dead. With the consent of the husband, he was connected to a mechanical respirator in order to gain time to develop the baby's lungs in gestation through a steroid treatment.

A craft at home: make a decorative object with stackable liquids

In addition to an exercise in science, what Bruspup proposes is to build a decorative object based on stacking liquids. As each liquid has a different density all occupy their space inside the container and do not conflict. To build the object it is necessary to have an empty bottle and a cup to measure the capacity of the liquid to be poured into the container.

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A teddy bear made with your baby's clothes

That dress that you adore but is no longer going to your baby can become a beautiful memory. Bubs Bears are cute teddy bears made with your baby's clothes. Many times we become fond of some of our children's clothes, so it has seemed a great idea to transform them into a toy that will surely have great emotional value for the child.

Traveling pregnant: the means of transport

Being pregnant is not, in principle, does not make travel contraindicated. Of course, I mean traveling pregnant with certain precautions and only if pregnancy is occurring without any problem. The pregnant woman can use all normal means of transport in general. If you are driving, you can go as a companion and as a driver until the end of pregnancy.

The chickenpox vaccine returns to pharmacies on February 1 (now cheaper)

The chickenpox vaccine soap opera will kill me. Well, I don't really think that this matters much to you, but I've been trying to find out which children are going to get vaccinated for chickenpox for social security for more than a week, and what children are not currently, according to autonomous communities, and I have not yet achieved Have all the information.

Parent Hacks: eleven tricks of parents to copy and succeed

There are solutions that definitely make our lives easier for parents, but I'm not talking about items we buy in a store, but those tricks that come from the imagination or the need of parents. These tricks or solutions are known as "hacks" (in English), and in the case of parents and children they are known as "Parent Hacks" or "Parenting Hacks".

Ten facts about child health in the world

The World Health Organization leaves us with ten facts about the health of children in the world, figures that lead us to awareness and reflection. Well, even if they are data that mainly affect developing countries, they are often produced in disadvantaged environments of countries of the so-called "first world" and, in any case, it is in the hands of our privileged world to favor that these figures fall .

The Storyteller in Sight: a children's gift to learn how to use the calendar and discover the secrets of each month

We met Cuento a la Vista when we learned that Raquel and María had managed to edit 'Different stories for different children' (which by the way have already sold out the first edition). Short story is a space in the form of a blog to share books or discover them, also to read stories at any time of the day, and from which contests are launched, drawings are proposed and reading is encouraged.

The pregnant mom's book

The book of the pregnant mother or "Mother Book", as it is known in its original language, is a book created by the Japanese advertising agency Dentsu Nagoya that shows week by week the evolution of pregnancy in a very palpable way. The book is made so that by turning its pages we can see how the breasts and the belly of pregnancy are increasing.

Myths about breastfeeding: "With a C-section the rise in breast milk takes longer"

Surely on more than one occasion a mother has told you that she had problems with breastfeeding, or that she gave a bottle directly to her baby, because having given birth by caesarean section the milk took longer to rise. I still hear it today, although it has long been known to be a myth, and the worst happened to me not long ago, when I heard a nurse who works in a maternity plant that was true, that many mothers in the plant had problems with breastfeeding because they had given birth by caesarean section.

Where do the final teeth come from?

We have already seen that baby teeth usually fall naturally after the child's five years, when the final teeth start to appear. But how do the final teeth come out? Where do they appear? We can say that in many occasions permanent teeth occupy the hollow of its predecessor, although being larger sometimes they leave where they can.

The Chicco Oasys 2-3 FixPlus chair to offer safety to the kids in the car

When babies grow up and demand their own safe space in the car, it is time to go to the Internet to look, check and compare the manufacturers' chairs for the little ones. In Peques and Más we present the Chicco chair called Oasys 2-3 FixPlus and it is a design for kids to go safely in the car during all their stages of growth.