Looking for a practical bathtub ?: We tried Stokke's Flexi Bath

I remember that when I was looking for the bathtub for my baby I only had one clear thing: I needed it to be mostly practical, since my flat is not very large and I really have no space left. After evaluating all the options that caught my attention, the 'winner' was Stokke's Flexi Bath, well known because it is foldable and very easy to transport.

According to the brand this bathtub It is designed for newborn babies and even for children of 4 years (although I guess it depends on its size). Its measures are 66.5 x 39 x 24 cm., Its capacity is 39 liters and is made of rigid plastic with flexible edges. It also has a cap on the bottom to comfortably vacate it.

My experience with the Flexi Bath

I must say that the question I had regarding this bathtub came up when I saw it in the store, since when I tried to open it, it seems that it did not expand at all. However, I consulted her with a friend who has had her since her daughter was born (who is already a year and a half old and still using her), and He told me that he would notice its true functioning when I gave him warm water.

Finally I decided and I was right: with the warm water the joints of the bath are softened and it opens completely. Although it is not very heavy, it is firm enough. When I vacate it I let it dry a bit and then fold it again without any problem. The form is maintained by much use you give it.

One thing that I definitely recommend (especially if you are first time like me), is the support for newborns. Obviously, bathing a baby is a completely new activity and you probably don't feel safe taking it and more inside a bathtub, so the accessory is very worth it because with one hand you hold the head and you can rest the rest of the body on that surface. So you have the other free to bathe him quietly and you do not run the risk of slipping.

Another thing that can also cause doubts is the closure it has since it may seem awkward. However, I must say that you forget that it is there and remember it only when you are going to close it again. Just fold it slightly out before putting the baby in and that's it ... it doesn't move from there.

I think I was not wrong in making the choice: It is a definitely practical bathtub for what is made and even for storage. Its quality is very good (it has been a few months of use and it is intact), and you can also take it with you anywhere because it takes almost no space.

What bañerita did you choose ?. Would you repeat or opt for another?