A hearing test could detect the risk of sudden death

Medical specialists at the Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center in Seattle have tracked Rhode Island babies who died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), concluding that the risk of newborns could be detected by performing a simple hearing test.

The 31 infants killed by SIDS analyzed by the Children's Hospital team, had the same differences, had four points less in the hearing tests at three different frequencies of sound in the right inner ear, score also lower than in the left ear. Experts point out that healthy babies usually get better results in hearing tests in the right ear. According to Dr. Daniel D. Rubens, “vestibular hair cells could play an important role in transmitting information to the brain about the levels of carbon dioxide in the blood. The lesion of these cells could affect respiratory control and predispose babies to SIDS. ”

There are still many studies that have to be done in this regard, the analyzes will help to corroborate this research. Without a doubt, if it is effective, it is a long-awaited discovery, since knowing the predisposition of a baby to suffer from SIDS makes it possible to carry out all prevention measures to avoid the tragic end.

Video: Hearing Loss May Be Associated with Earlier Death! What Did You Say? (March 2020).