Reusing the diaper at night

Some children stop using the diaper at night at the same time they stop using it during the day, while others continue to use it for sleep despite having left the diaper for some time.

However, when we believe everything is controlled, we can meet using the diaper again at night. It is possible (and normal) for the child to go through a special stage and pee again in bed when he has not done so for a long time. I'm not talking about sporadic escapes, but about peeing all, or almost every night.

This last one has been the case of my medium daughter, of three and a half years, who has left the diaper without any problem at 2 years and nine months. Soon he has also left the night and except for the occasional escape (completely normal at his age) everything was going very well. However, for some time, one day yes and another also, dawned wet.

Given his confusion and some shame about peeing at night (although we told him that nothing was wrong), we have decided by mutual agreement to use diapers-panties to sleep. At first it was somewhat uncomfortable to have something "fat" inside the pajamas but then she got used to it and it was she who put the diaper on her own before going to bed.

From this return to the diaper about a month ago. But a week ago the panties-panties ran out so it was time to decide whether to buy them again or leave them again. She herself decided to leave them again and as if to tell the truth she had only taken them wet at the most four times, we determined to go back to sleep without a diaper.

Why do I tell you my story? Because I hope it will serve as an experience for other parents, as there is no fixed rule with these types of issues. It is not true that once the diaper is removed (both day and night) it cannot be reused. Why not? If the child finds safety when using the diaper again at night, what is wrong?

What my daughter needed was to feel protected in the stage she was going through. He has taken it as natural, because we think so. You have to have tact in these matters, without disqualifying the child or treating him like a baby.

If the child is going through a special stage such as the birth of a little brother, a move, or is worried about something, it is absolutely normal for him to pee again in bed. I think that as parents we have to help you solve and redirect the problem instead of creating more insecurity.

Therefore, do not make a drama if your son you need to use the diaper again at night. It will be for a while (less or more depending on each child) until he feels confident again.