What do you play with your children? the question of the week

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This week's question has to do with the game. No one doubts that if your son is given a new toy, he will enjoy it for some time, but do not forget that, for them, we are the best toy that can exist. In my work I use the game a lot so that the little ones learn, and I am amazed when I see that many times they prefer to play with me, as if it were a giant toy, instead of with the toys that I have in the room.

The game is something very serious for the development of our children. We can use multiple forms of play and many elements, but we will always be the best toy. Therefore, this week I would like to know:

What do you play with your children?

We would like to know what your kids want to play with you, the adventures you live, the games that are invented so that you can take part in them ... In short, how your toy children use you.

Last week's question

Last week we asked you, at what age and how did your children leave the pacifier ?, a moment that is not always easy and pleasant.

And among all the answers, the one that has been most valued by you has been that of gochita; This is what he told us:

Well, we also chose to leave it at Christmas. We had thought of the Magi but as people had warned us that it would be bad at night, because in the end we decided on Santa Claus, to “not sleep” on vacation, since with the Kings almost the next day We would have to work and go without sleep. He left it with 2 years and 9 months and as I said before, we put them in a bowl to Santa Claus and in the morning the bowl was empty but there were gifts. What happens is that I believe that, in children as "lollipops" as mine, it is good to go telling them in time. We started in September to tell him that Santa Claus would come in a few months and that it would be good to leave the pacifiers for him to take to the babies and thus leave us gifts. We told him the same thing from time to time and when in December we told him that Santa Claus was short, he already said he wanted to leave the pacifier in exchange for gifts. Luckily, he was only with "the monkey" 3 days with his nights. One more step to realize that our baby is no longer such a baby.

This week's question is already prepared, and for the next seven days we await your answers.

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