The Blue Planet Tales app that teaches kids history while having fun

In Blue planet tales they have launched an application for mobile devices with which children are going to have fun and a lot while learning important episodes of the human history and of the Earth and its civilizations. And it is that developers believe, like teachers and parents, that children learn more when they have fun. In the application you can know how the extinction of the dinosaurs was, how the pyramids were built, what have been the main milestones of the space race, how were the great conquests of history and what have been the characters that changed the course of the history.

The objective is complement the knowledge of the books of text with adventure writings for children that are also illustrated by great artists and with recordings made by professional actresses. The application allows children to read or listen to the story, there is interactivity to help understand what is read and there is also questions and answers to reinforce knowledge and encourage comprehensive reading. The application is reviewed by teachers and children's speech therapists and has the seal of KidSAFE Seal to offer a safe and educational environment. Here you can see some images and more details About the application:

Among the objectives to be achieved Blue planet tales there are those of learning history, nature and geography while having fun. It also encourages reading from an early age, encourages discovering episodes and knowledge that they will learn in school and also encourages children to overcome.

The application is free, has just been published and in the iOS version weighs 17 MB. It is in English and Spanish and is classified for over four years.