Everyone to play! Outdoor games guide

Now that the good weather arrives, the days lengthen and with the children's holidays getting closer, we look for ideas for playing outdoors with children. The house falls on us and it is time to move and have fun in an active way, with traditional games that we may have forgotten and other more innovative ones that will surprise you.

Today we bring you a outdoor games guide that collects ideas so that the fun is not lacking and spend many good times with the family. This is a guide from Activilandia, the virtual theme park where fun is healthy, a project of the NAOS Strategy of the AESAN (Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition) that aims to prevent overweight and childhood obesity.

The guide contains a great selection of games for children from the age of six (if you have older children, you can also see a guide for children from nine years old). The games are divided into three types:

  • Quiet games: marbles, rock-paper-scissors, bowling, tomato-tomatoes, hand warmers, palms.

  • Active games: the hiding place, the trick, the ball, take place, the names, the stick, the blind chicken, the rope.

  • Very active games: evil ball, chepas, the four corners, fun catch, stilts, relay races.

Do not worry if any of these games do not sound like you, in the outdoor games guide for children There is an explanatory sheet for each of them, with ideas to take advantage of games, children's songs ... Surely we will have a good time!

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