When you decide to have only one child and they tell you: 'What if something happens?'

As you know, because you probably have lived it in your own flesh, we live in a society whose members have an opinion for everything and solutions for everything as well, as long as they are not for their own problems.

After the greatest concern when they see a couple without children year after year without being parents ("but, are you not going to have children?"), There is another issue that also has them in suspense, probably without sleep, What is it the number of children a couple will have. One is few, two may be fine, three too many, four foolishness and more is almost denouncing. So when you have only one, because it seems wrong, they tell you "What if something happens?"

If something happens to you, like what?

- You have a beautiful son.
- Ah, very kind.
- How old are you?
- Well, now in April he turns three years old.
- And you don't have any more children?
- No. We have decided that we will not have more.
- But you are very young!
- Ya, ma'am ... but we don't want to have more.
- But what if something happens?

Then the mother opens her eyes wide, looks at her with a face of but-how-is-able-to-say-something-like-and-stay-so-calm and assess the consequences of:

  • Put a finger in your eye.
  • Make a comb.
  • Grab her by the hairs and try to make her bald.
  • Remove the bag and stamp it on your face.
  • Spit in your face.
  • Force her to kiss the floor.
  • Take the rubber of your panties from behind and pull until you touch the neck.

Finally he decides not to do any of that, despite enjoying imagining it, and chooses to ask: What do you mean by that? If something happens to him, like what?

Well, you know, baby. There are very bad diseases, or you may have an accident ... look, right now you are playing on the swings and you are not even looking at it. Sometimes a car accident, sometimes a meningitis, sometimes ... is that if something happens to you, you won't have any children!

The mother opens her eyes wide again, adds new scenes to measure the consequences, considers that she does not feel like being signed by the police and finally responds:

Well, if that happens to me, I'll see what I do. Thanks for the advice. Goodbye!

Have two, just in case

One can have two pairs of shoes, just in case some get wet. One can have two forks, just in case one is dirty. One can have two of everything, just in case one does not work, breaks, is lost or stops working. And then the second replaces the first.

But if you have a child and something happens to him, there will be nothing or anyone who can replace him. Not even a brother, because if you have two children and one dies, you are left with only one. And deep down it will not matter to have one or none, because you will have lost your son, and that there is nothing to give it back to you.

In fact, if you have two and something happens, you stay with one ... do you have to have another one in case something happens?

No one has two children in case one dies ... the children have each other because they want to have, because you want to take care of them, because you want to start a family, but not because you have to have children all your life, or be a father all your life. Of course it is the intention, but it is not mandatory.

If you decide to have a child and he dies, that hopefully never happens, you are not required to have more because you are not required to have children! As if life only made sense with them!

If it happens, the couple must then decide what to do. There are those who decide to have more, there are those who do not, there are those who end up separating themselves because they do not manage to overcome such a terrible loss (it happens even if they have more children), there are those ... but none have another child to replace the one who leaves and nobody has two, three or more in case one dies, because a child is irreplaceable, although many people think so.

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