Yes, yes! A teacher encourages her student, a recent mother, to take her baby to class

Women who are studying have nothing easy if they also want to be mothers. University and motherhood do not seem to be compatible terms, with exceptions in which students can arrange for someone to take care of the baby while they study.

But when that possibility is not feasible or the baby is so small, he needs his mother at all times. Fortunately there are teachers who are an example like Dr. Josie Ryan, a professor of mathematics at Lander University in South Carolina, who encourages her student to take her baby so she doesn't miss classes.

"If I can make your life easier, why not do it," said the professor.

Sarah Thompson, 26, met her teacher on the first day of school, just one day before leaving accounts. When he saw his belly and his advanced state, he begged (according to the Facebook post) that attend classes with your baby if he wanted to, so he could continue with his classes normally.

Five days later she gave birth to Isaiah and a week later she returned to class with her little one, whom we see in the photo in the teacher's arms. In addition to allowing the recent mother to go to class with her baby, the doctor even gave her advice on breastfeeding.

It is hard enough to be a first-time mother to have to deal with difficulties when studying, but there are wonderful gestures that make everything easier, like that of this other teacher who had advanced her student to take the baby to class and here he calms him in his arms because he had begun to cry.

It is very important for Sarah to go to University to graduate as soon as possible and she was afraid that having a baby could complicate her plans, but luckily she found a generous human being who gives you support and peace of mind.

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