Vitaminix promotes good eating habits

In the fight against childhood obesity, Victor and Sofia show children the basic foods and components of the nutritional pyramid in the chapters of Vitaminix.

This series of cartoons that is broadcast every Thursday within the space of Los Lunnis on TVE, goes beyond entertainment, the true intention of these fun drawings and their interesting adventures, is to teach children to feed in a healthy and adequate way .

In each chapter an animal appears that explains in an understandable and fun way for the little ones, the nutritional properties of food. He has the advice of Dr. Isabel Lopera, who stated that "pediatricians are giving the alarm because young children are getting worse fed and begin to detect problems of childhood obesity." Thanks to Vitaminix, time for drawings will also become an excellent help to parents to encourage good eating habits for our children in a simple and fun way. The idea of ​​Juan Linares and Vicky Prenafeta (Digital and Whatever), demonstrates its success by having been broadcast in more than 84 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, translated into 16 languages ​​and with the recent publication of a collection of books with the same objective .

Video: Niacin B3. Original tune by Garry Chambers. (March 2020).