Sowing healthy habits in children is very necessary

A study prepared by the Idea Sana EROSKI Observatory shows us the need to sow healthy habits in the little ones to avoid in the future various problems such as sedentary lifestyle, overweight, obesity or the various diseases that can suffer when they reach adulthood and are derived from the problems we have mentioned.

This study shows that many parents ignore the campaigns started for some time trying to raise awareness of the importance of establishing good habits in their children. Children between the ages of 5 and 7 spend more than 2 hours a day in front of the console, computer or television. This behavior promotes greater sedentary lifestyle and promotes overweight and obesity due to compulsive pecking behaviors between meals The study, which they have titled Physical exercise and leisure among children, emphasizes the need to promote healthy habits in the face of fear of further growth of the problem and indicate that new technologies have contributed to increase these problems.

We have spoken on numerous occasions in Babies and more about these needs, we have emphasized the importance of children exercising and we have talked about the problems arising from overweight and obesity. Our grain of sand contributes to more information to prevent and alleviate this problem that affects many children and that, if so, will certainly affect their future.

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