Check the labeling and safety of Halloween costumes

AVACU (Valencian Association of Consumers and Users) warns us about the need to verify the labeling and safety of the costumes we buy or rent for children on the occasion of the Halloween party. The question is to guarantee a fair price conjugated with a quality clothing material.

We all find different prices when we go shopping, food, appliances, gifts, etc., you do not have to buy the first thing you find, because if not, you end up regretting that you have found the same product at a lower price in another establishment.

In the case of costumes for children, it happens entirely the same, but also, depending on whether you buy or rent a costume, you should make the rental conditions very clear, because you can find that before a small damage caused by an accident the store will force to pay the costume. AVACU tells us that costume stores have already assumed that the costume in question can be returned with a spot or burn and depending on the damage (if it is greater) we must pay for the costume, a correct understanding of the conditions will make it easier for you to avoid unexpected surprises. Always check that the costume meets the requirements set by the European Community in terms of the type of material, which is hardly flammable and that meets the requirements of adequate ventilation in the case of incorporating a mask, since poor ventilation can cause respiratory problems to the little one. An ideal solution that avoids risks and guarantees safety is that the costume incorporates the European Community label that guarantees compliance with the standards established for the garment, this must be accompanied by the manufacturer's brand and data.

They seem insignificant data, but in the face of a problem, they are the guarantees to claim any incident, in addition, however insignificant it may seem like a risk, we must avoid it and more when it comes to the safety of our little one.

Video: Halloween Safety Apps (March 2020).