Today is International Children's Day ... and 30,000 children will die in the world

Probably few know that International Children's Day is celebrated today. Many less should know the reason why it is commemorated.

I tell you to see if at least from this small space of the blogosphere we can sensitize someone about The rights of children.

Maybe someone is motivated and brings their grain of sand to the benefit of the children of the world.

It turns out that just as today 47 years ago, the General Assembly of the United Nations approved the Declaration on the Rights of the Child in and 17 years ago, the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In the Convention, all member countries undertake to enforce the basic human rights that children should enjoy in all parts of the world. The right to survival; to full development; to protection against dangerous influences, ill-treatment and exploitation; and to full participation in family, cultural and social life.

However, today's news speaks of four million children killed in the world before reaching one month of life, and eleven million die a year due to poverty, according to figures published by the United Nations and NGOs.

Eleven million children! And are they going to tell me that governments can't do anything?

And so that they find out more alarming figures, with no intention of making your day bitter, watch the full story.