Cots to leave girls in India

Every year UNICEF denounces the “disappearance” of two and a half million girls in India, especially in the most developed areas of the country, the result of feticide and direct or indirect killings.

The reality shows a very cruel picture, in India the custom of dowry is preserved, the parents of the girls must pay the boyfriend's family to agree to the marriage, and many parents prefer to kill them or let them die from malnutrition.

Ranjana Kumasi, director of the NGO Center for Social Research, affirms that the demographic imbalance between men and women worsened in 2003, when ultrasound scans and new abortion techniques were extended, knowing the sex of fetuses many families resorted to abortion.

In order to end these crimes, the Indian government is going to put cribs in all the districts of the country so that the parents leave their daughters abandoned instead of killing them or letting them die, so at least they will maintain their right to life, Renuja Chowdhury, the Minister of Women and Child Development, says so, "I do not care if the measure can encourage the abandonment of girls. In any case it is better that kill them. " In addition, in good faith they think that if a father abandons his daughter because he does not want to raise her or take care of her, he may eventually repent, then he may return to look for her.

As it happened with the Baby Box that have been running in different countries or with the cabins in Rome for some time, there is the controversy that we personally think that Chowdhury very well defends, does it encourage abandonment ?, if someone doubts whether or not to abandon their baby, It may not give you such a good life as anyone who wishes to adopt a child.

For now, we hope that UNICEF's complaint data on the "disappearances" of girls in India will decrease considerably.

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