Omega 3 against blindness in premature babies

We have talked about several studies related to research in the treatment of premature babies.

All are intended to avoid or mitigate as much as possible the disorders caused by their immaturity at birth.

From the last we know, it is a study conducted by researchers at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvardl University according to which omega 3 fatty acids present mostly in fish, may help prevent vision loss in premature babies.

Babies born before term may suffer from abnormal growth of the blood vessels of the eye (vascularization), which can lead to irreversible blindness.

The research has given very encouraging results. They have seen that with just an increase in omega3 consumption, eye damage is significantly reduced.

Omega 3 oils could also be effective in treating retinopathy, which mainly affects diabetics and macular degeneration that occurs in the elderly.

The trial has been conducted with rats, but a clinical study will be carried out specifically with premature babies to corroborate the results.

If so, special attention should be paid to the pregnant woman's diet so that the correct amounts of fish are consumed and thus prevent defects in the baby's eyes if born prematurely.

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