Scientists study biomarkers related to childhood metabolic syndrome

Childhood obesity is responsible for many diseases that are suffered in adulthood, for this reason, various experts belonging to the universities of Granada and Cordoba have begun to investigate to try to establish what are the relationships between these diseases and the metabolic syndrome in children .

He childhood metabolic syndrome It is a characteristic disease of children suffering from obesity, those who suffer from it show high levels of uric acid, insulin or triglycerides. With these initial results it is not surprising that these children suffer from the aforementioned diseases when they are in adulthood.

The evidences that relate the problems in children's health with the health problems in the adult state are very evident, the first signs of some of these diseases can be found in the pediatric age and determining the first evidences of these diseases is essential to try to prevent them . Scientists now seek to determine all those risks derived from childhood obesityFor this, they will carry out various studies in which they will take the data of several children, obese and non-obese, in total 150 children who are obese and are between 6 and 13 years old, and another 150 healthy children who have a correct weight. The selection will be made in the pediatric areas of the Reina Sofía University Hospital, the Valle de los Pedroches Hospital and the University Hospitals of Zaragoza and Santiago de Compostela.

The objective is determine biomarkers They show what ailments can be suffered in the future direct consequence of overweight and obesity. It is evident and necessary that studies of this nature be carried out and more when our society has a high rate of obese children reaching almost 18% of the child population and in continuous growth. According to experts, this situation is a direct consequence of life habits, something that must be modified in order to reduce ailments in the future and improve the quality of life in children.

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