Cañada Real Open Center

This May I lived an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience. In Cañada Real Open Center live a pack of wolves in a large enclosure where we can observe them acting quite freely. That day we were sitting, half hidden behind a tree, when we saw a wolf enter a cave among the rocks. He came out with something in his mouth. At the beginning we thought it was some animal that would be eaten. But no, it was a tiny puppy, no more than a week old. He transferred it to another wolf and returned for another. Then she was joined by another female who collaborated with her in the transfer of the litter to the second shelter. You can assume the emotion of the children.

Then, the caretakers confirmed that the wolverines had been born a week ago and that they themselves had not been able to observe them yet. They also told us that the females of the pack cooperate in raising babies even if it is only the one that stops. It was something really exciting. We live all this adventure in Cañada Real Open Center. Below I will explain the enormous possibilities of education and enjoyment offered by its facilities.

Cañada Real Open Center it is a space of interpretation and study of the Iberian fauna located very close to El Escorial, less than 50km from Madrid. Since 1988, the year in which he declared himself of social interest by the City Council of El Escorial, hundreds of injured animals have passed through Cañada Real Open Center. Some, after being cured, have been able to return to freedom, and others have been unable to return to their environment. They are the unrecoverable, for which a habitat as close as possible to natural.

We can see wolves, raptors, wild boars, fallow deer, roe deer, wildcats and many other native animals, all in a natural environment populated by beautiful elms, oaks and ash trees. The route is approximately two kilometers and can be easily done by resting in your resting areas. Two lagoons host a great variety of water birds, making Cañada Real one of the most important stork reserves in the center of the Peninsula. The Center also has magnificent facilities dedicated to environmental workshops and nature classrooms, attended by biologists and highly qualified staff.

Of course my advice is that this summer, if you have the possibility, include it in your plans with the children.