'Madagascar 2: escape 2 Africa' opens

This weekend the second part of "Madagascar" arrives on the Spanish screens, that hilarious adventure that brought some nice animals from their captivity in the zoo to wildlife. I really enjoyed the first part, as Lola told us, and we can talk about a movie for the whole family.

Humor, adventure, reflections on freedom, on instincts, love for nature ... are some of the concepts presented by this film, in a very fun and entertaining way.

All the nice characters (Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, King Julien, Maurice) along with the penguins and chimpanzees are lying on the beaches of Madagascar. The penguins repair a crashed plane and fly to the African plain, where the group of animals at the New York Zoo meets, for the first time, members of his own kind.

Surely that meeting will bring many more adventures and surprises ...

Our fellow Blog Blogs point out that the film has triumphed at the American box office, and that it seems that it has achieved a more ingenious script than the first part, even surpassing it, so it should not be missed.

As always, I will wait for the DVD, because at the moment my baby is not entertained with movies, but I am already saving them for future entertainment.

Official Site | Madagascar
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