Breastfeeding after breast cancer is safe

Beneficial effects of breastfeeding on breast cancer prevention were already known, but research recently presented at the annual Congress of the European Society of Medical Oncology ensures that breastfeeding after breast cancer is safe for both mother and baby.

It was believed that breastfeeding could produce hormonal alterations in women leading to a possible relapse, however the new studies show otherwise.

The case of 20 women who had children after overcoming breast cancer was analyzed (in these cases, the sample cannot be much wider). Half of them breastfed, while the other half decided not to.

After monitoring all women for four years, they found a relapse in each of the groups, so they have concluded (for the second time, added to a previous study) that "the act of breastfeeding does not seem to have detrimental effects in relation to breast cancer. "

Breastfeeding after breast cancer therapy is safe.. What could be harmful, experts say, is breastfeeding during treatment because the drugs that pass through the milk could poison the newborn. Once the cancer has passed, there is no danger to either of them.

In light of the latest research, it would be a shame to advise against breastfeeding for women who have had breast cancer. The risk of relapses from breastfeeding is not substantiated and the benefits are innumerable, both for the mother and the baby.

Video: Breast Surgery Misconceptions: Cancer and Breastfeeding. Nuffield Health (March 2020).