Babies highlights and more: October 11-17

Like every Monday, we return with the summary of Babies highlights and more, presenting the topics that most interest our readers in order to encourage you to remember them with us.

The health and safety of our children concern us all. That is why we are interested in bringing news like that Canada considers bisphenol-A a toxic chemical and also that the pharmaceutical distributor of a brand of contaminated artificial milk has been condemned for the death of a baby.

Being parents changes everything, and also involves a commitment to the human formation of our children. That is why we have invited you to tell us ten things that you want your children to learn.

In addition, and speaking of the changes that the arrival of children implies, we have reflected on that moment in life when the mobile phone becomes essential.

Addressing parents' questions and concerns we have asked ourselves if it is mandatory to vaccinate children and whether it is convenient to vaccinate children with the flu. We also explain the great news that smoking will be banned in playgrounds.

And dealing with birth and childbirth, moments of enormous importance in life, we have said that the personalized birth plan is presented at the Infanta Leonor Hospital in Madrid.

We have also talked about scientific advances explaining that the first treatment with embryonic stem cells has been carried out in the United States.

We have approached the curious story of a museum in New Zealand "prohibits" pregnant women from entering an exhibition, an issue that has raised a lot of controversy.

And, to finish the review, as regards child psychology, we have explained the chronology of childhood fears.

This week we will continue working on Babies and more to gather news and topics of interest, from the scientific and social, to the most personal experiences, hoping, with it, to accompany you in the adventure of being parents.

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