Eleven children and the oldest is 12 years old

These days a family in the United States is made up of a couple and their eleven children, being the oldest of 12 years.

Larry Kilmer, 53, and high school teacher and Jen, his wife, 45, met in 1994 and married three years later. Educated in the Catholic religion they decided that they would have the children that God sent.

The fact is that the couple's fertility has been enviable (or that or God wanted this couple to have one child after another) and in just 12 years they have had eleven children, practically one per year.

Their children are called Christina, Joe, Michelle, Julie, Tommy, Steven, Matthew, John Paul, Larry, Rosemary and Peter. If you ask yourself about the daily life of this family, say that Jen, the mother, is the pillar of the house (well, this is usually the case everywhere).

At five in the morning Jen gets up, prepares everything, and at half past six she goes to Mass. Larry, the dad, takes the children to school, while Jen starts putting washing machines (four or five a day), makes purchases, prepares food for everyone and attends to the little ones. When there seems to be nothing left to do, pick up the children at school and help them do their homework to those who need it.

Obviously, and as with any father and mother, there are times when Jen loses patience. At that moment, before exploding, He goes out to the back of his house and sits a few minutes on the porch because, as he explains, "Sometimes you need a moment of peace".

At 19:30 everyone has dinner and at 21:00 they are in bed. After sleeping a few hours, everything starts again.

As they say they have a great time, laugh a lot and enjoy being so many, however they have a bad time when illnesses arrive: “When a virus enters the house, it can take a month to leave”.

They also explain that in their facet of parents the worst is over, since in the first seven years all children were small. Now the elders have already grown and these parents delegate some tasks to them, so the burdens are distributed a bit among the more adult members of the family.

As for the family economy, family and friends help them with furniture and other things, because only Larry, the father, works.

Honestly, I don't envy the situation of this family (I still have nine children left to match them), but I do envy the patience of this woman and her porch. He says that when he is about to explode he goes out on the porch to breathe a few minutes. Well, I am left with this advice that is fabulous, although I would lack the porch, to sit and rest my mind ... on my floor, going out to the terrace to look at the wall is not bad, but it is not the same.