Tips for carrying the school bag

Fortunately, the little ones do not need to transport too much material to school, but as the backpacks grow they begin to thicken ... That is why we are going to see some tips for carrying the school bag.

Among the transport systems of school supplies, the backpack looks better than carts, purses or bags. It has the advantage that there is a wide and "central" part on which the weight is supported, and it must not be pulled or maneuvered to climb stairs.

In the backpack we find certain advantages that the other means do not have, but it has to be well chosen and used. These are some tips to carry the school bag well:

  • It is convenient that the backpack has padded handles, so as not to damage the shoulders.

  • It must also be appropriate to the size of the child (no larger than his back and resting on the lower back).

  • The backpack should be hung on both shoulders, at lumbar height. Otherwise, we would find the disadvantages of the wallets that are hung on one shoulder, concentrating all the weight in one point.

  • Bring only what is necessary for each day. Parents can check the school schedule so that they carry the right thing, or if it is an extracurricular activity or an excursion they must be informed of what they need to take (if not communicated by the school).

  • It should be ensured that the transported weight does not exceed 10-15% of the body weight (in a child with a weight of 20 Kg. The maximum weight of the load should be 2-3 Kg.).

  • The heaviest material should be placed near the back, evenly distributed.

Following all these tips for carrying the school bag they will take care of their health, avoiding postural problems, backaches ... and ultimately wanting to continue learning and enjoying at school going with the right burden.

Video: How to carry a schoolbag properly. (March 2020).