Through breastfeeding, mothers can provide acquired immunity for their long-term babies

We know that breast milk is the best food we can give our children during their first six months of life, but if we have the possibility of extending it for a longer time it is much better, because it continues to receive its benefits during the first years.

However, the benefits of breast milk are not limited to the duration of breastfeeding, but its ability to protect against infections extends throughout life, according to a new study.

Published in the magazine Science Advances, analyzed the immunity transfer provided by breast milk, which protects the baby, and that it was believed that it was only effective for the duration of breastfeeding, ceasing to protect him when it ended.

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However, according to this study conducted in mice, that protection that breast milk gives the baby could last a lifetime, as they discovered that the transfer of immunity can be long term, after breastfeeding is over. Also, during the investigation it was found that such protection was caused by the transfer of immune cells from mother to child, and that it was independent of antibodies.

According to the study, mothers who had an infection before becoming pregnant acquired Lifetime protection against that infection, and it was transmitted to your babies through breast milk cells, and not by antibodies.

This study shows that Mothers can provide long-term acquired immunity for their babies through breastfeeding, adding to the list of the great benefits that breast milk brings, as we have seen in other previous studies.

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