Week 15 of pregnancy: the belly is already beginning to be noticed

We continue to make progress in our particular review of pregnancy week by week and we arrive at the week 15 of gestation, already in the fourth month of pregnancy.

At this point in pregnancy the belly is already relatively evident, and more so if we are in times like today, with temperatures that allow you to go only with a shirt. There will be someone who doubts if you are pregnant or if you have simply gained a little weight, but it will be you who always decides who to give the news to and who not, of course.

Leaving aside what others will see in the mother, we will comment a little what are the main changes that happen in this week, both in the baby and in the mother.

Changes in the baby in the 15th week of pregnancy

The baby continues to evolve inside the uterus. Now it measures about 9 to 10 cm and weighs about 50 grams. To give you an idea of ​​its size, its femur has a size of 1.8 cm, that is, although in ultrasound it already looks like a little person, it is still very small.

As of this week, the skin, which is practically transparent, begins to cover the lanugo, a very thin layer of hair that we can see at birth and that, as you will have heard or have told you, is normal and then falls off alone.

The eyes are approaching the position they will finally have (you can see here a video in which you can see how the face of a fetus evolves) and, although it still has them closed, it begins to be sensitive to the changes of light that reach it through the belly. The ears begin to have some of their characteristic folds.

The baby also begins to separate the head slightly from the body, as the neck grows a little. They also begin to explore their surroundings with the body, because start the movements inside the belly, gestures and jumps that help you strengthen your muscles a bit. It has been seen that by this date some babies may get to suck their fingers. This gives us a clue to parents to know that when they suck at birth (or weeks later) they have been doing it for months now.

Changes in women in the 15th week of pregnancy

With respect to the mother, the changes are a bit relative because in the same way that at this point there are many women who have already left behind the worst symptoms more characteristic of the first three months there are others who continue with nausea and vomiting, and even with frequent dizziness

The body continues to change and it is estimated that the mother's weight gain until this week (the one accumulated to date) is about 2,650 kgAlthough this is an average and as we usually say, it is not yet clear that limiting the weight to pregnant women or controlling it in a conscientious way is really beneficial.

Perhaps due to these changes you have already gone to look at some maternity clothes, especially because the waist of the usual pants is very possible that they no longer give so much. There are mothers who do buy it, there are others who prefer to buy clothes of some size more and there are those that simply change for a more "sport" clothing, which due to its characteristics allows it to be used for a longer time both before and after pregnancy.

It is possible that, immersed in the second trimester of pregnancy, some mothers already begin to notice the symptoms of intense hormonal changes and that they begin to have some mood swings (interesting, if not important, discuss it with the couple so that they are prepared and understand those changes) or that they begin to have organizational or memory problems that they did not have before.

As they are changes produced by hormonal changes, when everything returns to its place, mood stabilizes and memory and concentration return to being the same as always, so if this happens it is best to take it with philosophy, be aware of the limitations that the body produces (it is not necessary to be angry with oneself because it is not going to be fixed feeling bad either) and wait Let the waters return to their channel.

If there are no more characteristic symptoms of the first trimester, it may be a good time to start exercising, if it has not yet begun, being ideal for moms who start swimming and walking. Those who have been exercising longer may surely exercise a little more intensely, always according to medical recommendations and according to the situation and pregnancy of each, of course.

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