The heat of the breast of a nursing mother thanks to thermal photography

A few months ago we showed you a shocking thermal photo of a baby breastfeeding, in which you could see the heat that was generated during breastfeeding. Now, thanks to this technique, we can enjoy two more images of the breast of a nursing woman.

There are many images of the anatomy of a woman's chest that can be seen online, thanks to which we can learn, a little, how it works. However, there are few images that show us chest heat and breast milk, and today, as I say, we have nothing less than two.

One is the one you see above, that its author, Jorge Martin, wanted to headline "The Lady of Lactation", for the image that is formed, similar to that of a swordsman in full duel. The most curious thing about the image, which we could not appreciate in the other because we did not have the legend, is be able to see in degrees Celsius the variations that occur.

The other is this one that you have below, similar, but with another coloration, which differs above all from the previous one because of the observable temperature changes in the nipple (in the most distal area of ​​the nipple there are two points at a much lower temperature, which could be droplets of milk that, already outside, have been tempered a little). Curious at least.

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