Discomfort during pregnancy: migraines

Headaches or migraines are quite common companions during pregnancy. More than we would like, without a doubt and as in most cases hormonal changes have to do with this discomfort, since they usually exacerbate and make some pains more frequent.

Fatigue, tension, hunger and physical or emotional stress also have a lot to do with headaches, combined in any way or separately. A woman prone to suffering from migraines before pregnancy will also suffer more frequently at this stage.

And while when you are not pregnant we usually turn to painkillers on a regular basis to mitigate pain, during pregnancy you have to be very careful with medications and avoid them as much as possible.

In Babies and more Migraines in pregnancy: what can you do before one of the worst headaches

Prevent migraines during pregnancy

The best way to prevent migraines It depends on its cause or causes, which as we have seen can be varied. Here we leave some ways to reduce the risk of headache, natural remedies so that this discomfort is not a habitual companion during pregnancy and let us rest better.

  • Relaxation during pregnancy is important, since stress and anxiety due to the proximity of labor, due to work or family obligations ... can affect our body and result in migraines, muscular tension ... Recently we left you with some simple relaxation techniques at home to reduce tension and achieve a better rest. Meditation, yoga, moderate exercise, breathing exercises in a quiet environment ... will help the woman to relax.

  • Look for tranquility, run away from crowds, noisy places, charged environments ... Intense lights can also affect us (or sudden changes in intensity in the light).

  • Avoid tobacco smoke or other fumes, since if a room or a room is poorly ventilated it can cause discomfort such as migraine, in addition to breathing the smoke is also harmful to the health of the fetus.

  • Apply cold on the neck or forehead (if you notice improvement; there are people who do not help) while keeping your eyes closed and trying to relax.

  • We already know that it is not easy, especially in the last trimester of pregnancy, but sleeping well prevents many headaches, since the body rested tension is less, the body is relaxed ... A good rest is important at any stage of the life, and pregnancy was not going to be less.

  • Get enough rest (and not just sleeping) it is important for the body to be healthy, there are women who notice less fatigue but for others the road is harder (especially in the first and last trimester), so, whenever you need it, Take a break, sit down, rest.

  • Take care of your posture during pregnancy: staying too long in the same position with your head down (reading or doing some work), bent to the side or raised can cause muscle aches and headaches.

  • There are migraines related to a low blood sugar content, and to avoid them it is convenient to eat frequently (remember, the snacks you choose must always be healthy) and not skip meals.

In Babies and more I am pregnant and my head hurts a lot, is it normal?

Special mention deserve migraines, understood as a special type of migraines much stronger and that make it impossible to continue with normal daily activity. They are accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue, diarrhea or vomiting, and women who have suffered before suffer them most often during pregnancy.

The preventive measures just listed also serve in some cases for migraines. Consult the doctor if you are prone to suffer these headaches or as soon as you have it for the first time.

As for migraines, yes headaches during pregnancy they are continuous, very strong, they are accompanied by fever, visual disorders, swelling in the hands or face or prevent you from leading a normal lifestyle, consult the gynecologist to rule out any complications and prescribe any treatment in the event that be necessary.

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